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25th April, 1st May and 2nd June: plan now your holiday in Trapani (and in Malta)

inserita jeudi 5 février 2009

When outside it rains and the sky is grey and it obscures the sun, there is always a way to come back to be happy: plan your own short holidays for spring/summer time. Trapani waits for you during long holidays of  25th  April, 1st  May and 2nd June.

25th April, 1st  May and 2nd June: plan now your holiday in Trapani (and in Malta)

Except  25th April,1st  May and 2nd June 2009 seem to be  two good occasions for a  long weekend and/or a short relaxing week, among the beach, an art town, monuments and great food. Trapani thanks to the Ryanair flights is easily (and cheaply) reachable from a lot of Italian and foreign places. Moreover, for who have at their own disposal some days more (from 6 to 8 nights) it is possible (always from Trapani) to reach Malta and discover its archaeological treasures and its natural sights. For further information about the fights and their possible conjunctions visit our special section (Trapani with Ryanair)


The Crucifix of Michelangelo lands at Trapani

inserita samedi 31 janvier 2009

The wooden Crucifix attributed to Michelangelo, bought by Italy last month, will be exhibited at Trapani, in the picturesque Saint Augustin church (ex Cathedral of the town, as well as a Templar church in past time), from 6th to 20th March, 2009.

The Crucifix of Michelangelo lands at Trapani

A one-off chance for who will be at Trapani in March and a further motivation to visit our town and its fantastic territory. We are talking about the absolute first exhibition of the marvellous wooden Crucifix attributed to Michelangelo bought by Italy last month. The work was already exhibited at Rome last December, in the Yellow Room of  Montecitorio, and it was visited by 28.000 visitors (with peaks of more than 1000 people a day). The  exhibition will be in Trapani, in the Saint Augustin church (in the old town centre), from 6th to 20th March 2009.

NOTE: untill the end of March Trapani can be reached directly thanks to Ryanair from Milan, Pisa, Roma, Barcelona, London and Malta (from 30th March many others fights will be effective).


Easter time: the picturesque Misteri Procession comes back

inserita vendredi 2 janvier 2009

As every year at Trapani the Holy Friday Procession, the so called Misteri Procession, preparations  are already in full swing, which leaving is planned for 2.00 p. m.  of  Friday 10th April.

Easter time: the picturesque Misteri Procession comes back

The  Mysteries Procession, which has been representing for 400 years, takes place in Trapani the 10th April from 2.00 p. m. and it continues for almost  24 hours, till Saturday. It is the longest Italian religious event and it is also among the oldest. The sacred groups of the Misteri go around for most part of the city streets, among the spectaculars lights, sounds, colours and emotions. It is a group of 20 artistic portraits of the Passion and Death of Christ, they are exactly 18 groups, plus the two simulacrums of Jesus died and of Our Lady of Sorrows. For further information visit the web site: (or look for the several videos with the keywords  “Misteri” and “Trapani” on

NOTE: from the end of March it will be possible to reach Trapani from 11 Italian and foreign towns: Bologna, Milan, Pisa, Rome, Barcelona, London, Malta, Stockholm, Birmingham, Frankfort and Dusseldorf. To see the Mysteries Procession and visit the principal tourist places of Western Sicily, we suggest to stay in Trapani for almost 3 nights, from Friday 10th to Monday 13th April.


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